Connect your team

Your own branded app

Your team is connected to your business, everywhere & anytime.

Visuel identity

Your look

Sunkhronos adapts its visuel identity to your business.

Your logo

We are integrating your logo in your personal application.

Your colors

Your employees identify with the application thanks to the integrated graphics of your company.

Your fonts

Your corporate design & own fonts are embedded into your own application.


Your newsfeed

Integrate & control a your professional way of communicating in your business.

Important information

Communicate urgent info to your team. Everywhere & anytime.


Organise your meetings & events. Collect attendances.


Post all the important information related to your business.


Improve interactivty & offer your team a place to share ideas & connect.

Sunkhronos garanties communication that is structured and with follow-up.

Team management


Project management

Instant communication

Visualisation with images

Illimitated sharing


Message room

Your messages

Sunkhronos offers the administrator the possibilty to send private messages & create groups.

Create groups

Sunkhronos allows you to create categories of employees to whom you want to communicate targeted information or tasks.

Create tasks

Upon receipt of the message, your individual employee or work team can confirm the tasks you have assigned to them.

Push notifications

The content will then be displayed on the mobile phone without the application being active by triggering a sound similar to a traditional sms.

Your cloud

With Sunkhronos, your employee can access your company's learning materials and all the important information about your assignments, products, services and customers by simply pulling your mobile phone out of his/her pocket.

The blueprint of your company

List of customers, regulations, procedures, models, skills, ...

Search tools

In a few seconds you will find all the listed information.

Unlimited categories

Organize your content into your own category structure.

Unlimited access

Everywhere & anywhere.


Our added value

Data protection and confidentiality

Sunkhronos secures your data and your communications.
Sunkhronos protects you from unwanted links.
Sunkhronos allows you to avoid tools like Whatsapp.
Sunkhronos does not communicate your data to other entities.
Sunkhronos does not sell your data.


Contact us now to make an appointment.
We will present you your Sunkhronos application and will be able to analyze your needs before implementing the application within your company.